Tree Trimming Service in Franktown Colorado

Franktown Colorado Tree Trimming Service

mid 1 1Franktown is located in Douglas County, Colorado, which has a mix of grasslands, shrublands, and forests. The area is home to various species of trees, including ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and Rocky Mountain juniper, among others. Additionally, Franktown is situated close to several state and national parks that are known for their beautiful tree-covered landscapes, such as Castlewood Canyon State Park and Pike National Forest.

The list of ways that trees help the environment, and in turn the planet, is a long one. The State of Colorado takes an extremely positive stance on trees and their preservation. The Franktown Field Office of the Colorado State Forest Service is extremely helpful in providing area residents with information to help keep their trees healthy and also planting new ones. People can buy seedling trees and they offer advice on what types to plant and how to get them started the correct way.

Trees are an investment in the future of the planet and for any property owner having healthy and mature trees obviously makes the property worth more money. Any investment requires care and maintenance and Ironwood Earthcare performs all services necessary to keep trees trimmed up, free of disease and they will also remove damaged trees and even grind pesky stumps in the 80116 zip code area!

Why Trim Your Trees?

When your trees are not properly trimmed, they can grow too close to power lines or buildings. Often, branches that have been damaged or simply become too heavy for the tree to support can become dangerous. If they fall, they can hurt people, animals, or damage cars and buildings. Tree trimming also encourages new growth, which is important to the good health of the tree itself.

When professionals trim your trees, they can also diagnose any diseases or other issues that your trees might have before it becomes a larger problem and spreads further on the tree or trees close to it. Lastly, but still important, trimming your trees will make them more attractive by improving the tree’s structure.

How Often Do Your Trees Need Trimmed?

Young trees should be trimmed annually until they are about five years old. This helps shape them and keep them healthy during their younger years so that they will thrive and become adult trees. Once they are mature, every five to ten years should be sufficient, unless there has been damage to them due to a storm or other accident.

Franktown, Colorado Information

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Franktown is a tiny little town, with less than 500 residents within the town itself. The biggest attraction close to Franktown is Castlewood Canyon State Park. In 1933 a dam burst in the canyon and those visiting the park can view the remnants of that disaster to this day. When the dam burst it sent 15 foot high waves down Cherry Creek and flooded the Denver area. Bridges and buildings were destroyed.

Franktown has a small historic district and a few local businesses that meet the basic needs of the residents and the folks driving through to access the park. It’s a nice, quiet little town with friendly folks to visit with if you stop for fuel or a meal.

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