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Lawn Care Service In Denver and Front Range Areas

Colorado’s semi-arid climate is a stressful environment for plant life, but Ironwood Earthcare has the knowledge and expertise to make your plants thrive. Combining fertilization with proper insect/disease control can set the stage for full plant development. 

Here at Ironwood Earthcare, we utilize the years of experience to custom tailor organic plant health care programs that will beautify your property and maximize potential growth in every season! 

Armed with cutting-edge technology like drones used across our company from aerial imagery analysis right down into field applications such as nozzles or sprayers on ground tractors, our team aims to protect landscape investments by providing you tools necessary to maintain green lawns all year round without any harsh. 

Our lawn care services include lawn fertilization and lawn weed control.

Ironwood Earthcare lawn care company has been around for years. We pride ourselves in providing lawn fertilization services to lawns that will maximize plant potential and beautify a property. 

We have the latest technology available, which helps us protect your landscape investments, so you don’t need to worry about lawn disease or lawn weeds! Our professional lawn care service includes lawn mowing, weed control, and fertilizing your yard! 

We are masters of Denver’s lawn care maintenance services: lawn mowing, lawn aeration, maintenance, fertilizing, landscaping, sprinkler systems, and more.

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Why Should You Hire a Lawn Care Service?

Our lawn care services include lawn fertilization, lawn weed control, and lawn disease treatment.

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Lawn fertilization can be an expensive service to Denver customers, but it will help your lawn become the envy of every neighbor when done correctly. Lawns that are healthy looking and green all year round not only look good to passersby; they also save you money on extra fertilizer treatments in the future because there is no need for weed control or pesticide applications.

Our lawn fertilizing service will apply the correct nutrients of your particular lawn by analyzing soil type. Lawn fertilization will help your lawn grow faster and thicker, produce more grass clippings for composting or mulching, contain fewer weeds, and be easier to maintain.

Lawn fertilization services from Ironwood Earthcare make a beautiful lawn even better by improving blade thickness, turf density, and green color to give it more uniformity throughout the season, so neighbors stare with jealousy as they approach their house! 

A healthier-looking yard saves homeowners time spent on other maintenance tasks, too – like weeding out pesky weeds or spraying pesticides against pests that would otherwise damage your grass blades.


Ironwood Earthcare’s offer the best lawn care services can be the perfect solution to your weed problems. Whether you’re looking for a safe organic herbicide or more of an aggressive chemical, Ironwood has what it takes to get those pesky weeds out from underfoot and keep them away!

Ironwood offers different types of solutions for all sorts of yard issues–whether that means getting rid of pesky grass-choking dandelions, or keeping unwanted pests like ants at bay with our pest control methods.


Not all lawn diseases are visible at first, but they can take a serious toll on your lawn’s health and beauty. With Ironwood Earthcare treatments for them, you don’t have to worry!

Lawn disease treatment is when the hidden symptoms of common issues like mold or fungus need immediate attention. 

Left untreated, over time, these conditions will only get worse – start with some landscape maintenance today by scheduling an appointment with our technicians, who’ll walk you through everything that needs to be done, so it never happens again!


At Ironwood Earthcare, lawn care isn’t just a service – it’s our passion.

We offer lawn fertilization services that will help your lawn be healthier and more beautiful year-round. Lawn weed control is another area where we excel in providing lawn care solutions for homeowners who are tired of dealing with weeds on their property.

With years of experience under our belt, we are armed with cutting-edge technology that will make sure you reap maximum benefits from spending time and money on planting or landscaping projects!

Ironwood Earthcare is the go-to company for any property owner looking to boost their garden’s beauty and create a haven against harmful pests. Ironwood has mastered organic fertilization, combining it with insect/disease control to provide every plant on your property its best chance of flourishing.

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