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How to Treat Colorado Emerald Ash Borer

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Emerald Ash Borer, which originated from southeastern Michigan, has destroyed and killed millions of ash trees in over thirty-four states like Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota and promises to continue killing these Ash trees because they’re growing in numbers.

That necessitates Ash trees’ EAB infestations preventive plus treatment measures.

Amazingly, one in six trees in the Denver area is an Ash tree! The highly invasive pest Emerald Ash Borer kills Ash trees and has recently been found in the Denver area. Ironwood Earth care’s team of experts can help you plan, identify whether you have an Ash tree, and supply treatment options. 

That’s why we provide EAB control preventative treatments for healthy Ash trees and alleviates active infestations from your trees in Denver and front range regions.

Our methods at Ironwood Earth Care are environmentally friendly implemented by professional and experienced arborists.

How to Treat Colorado Emerald Ash Borer?

Thankfully, various signs reveal Emerald Ash Borer’s presence and treatments to prevent the EAB from killing your Ash trees. Such therapies include trunk injection, canopy spray, bark spray plus soil injection, and soil drench.

These treatments are scientifically sound, and application methods are environmentally safe. Our certified arborists at Ironwood Earthcare can protect your trees from these predatory insects, so contact us today.

Signs of Emerald Ash Borer Infestation on Your Trees

Denver homeowners need to be vigilant, although the symptoms are unmistakable. The EAB feed and live beneath the outer bark of green ash, white ash, or black ash trees, choking your trees of their water and nutrients and eventually die. Therefore, regularly inspect your ash tree barks and tallest branches, whether they’re growing or dying. Assess for bald spots in the areas without leaves.

Check out for D-shaped exit holes where the Emerald Ash Borer larvae emerge as adult EAB. The larvae stage is the deadliest stage for your Ash tree because they suck all nutrients and juice from the tree leading to progressive ash tree death. 

In the early stages, EAB is cream-colored, up to 1½ inches long, while adults are metallic green and 3.8 inches long. Woodpecker flecking indicates excessive amounts of insects in your ash tree because it shows the birds looking for beetle meals. Signs include;

  • Woodpeckers excessive flecking
  • Upper canopy with dead branches
  • Bald topmost brunches
  • Outer bark has D-shaped holes

Denver, Aurora, Centennial and the Front Range Areas Emerald Ash Borer Services

The most common Emerald Ash Borers insecticide treatments include soil drench plus trunk injections that deliver the insecticide or the treatment remedy to the infested wood. It dispersed evenly throughout your tree to the canopy. 

Other EAB treatments include bark spray, trunk spray

Insecticides through the soil drench method target your tree roots where it’s spread through the biological tree processes to kill adult beetles and larvae that feed on it.

We administer canopy sprays to prevent adult borers from laying eggs or feeding. When we systemically administer the treatments, we aim to limit environmental exposure and increase the therapeutic efficiency of the treatment.

Can I Treat My Ash Tree Myself?

Yes, you can. There are different treatment remedies, including bark spray, canopy spray, direct injection, and trunk injection. With a certified arborist’s assistance, you can perform soil drenches with specified treatment insecticide and pesticide measures like emamectin benzoate.

If done correctly at the optimum time of year, the insecticide keeps EAB away from healthy trees for a while. If a tree is lightly infested, the insecticide treatment kills or drives away the EAB, and the tree can start to heal borer wounds and ultimately thrive again. That’s why we recommend you to call us for professional assistance.

Also, the products available to homeowners have the same active ingredients known to professionals. Therefore, consider your tree’s overall health, whether it has been recently infected or it’s a chronic infestation in your region. Conduct a thorough assessment in two or three weeks, noticing your tree progress after treating EAB.

When Should Ash Trees Be Treated for Emerald Ash Borers?

Since we always want to save trees, a certified arborist should inspect your tree first to determine whether you can treat it. Our arborists inform you whether your trees suffer from other conditions and whether it’s worth treating. Spring applications are more effective.

To know when to treat your trees, assess the general ash tree health, value of the tree vs. treatment cost, and how much of the canopy twigs have lost; if it has lost more than half the leaves, it’s best to remove the leaves tree than to treat it.

Yes, you can save your ash trees, and you can eradicate EAB insects for good. Early detection and preventative treatments are the keys to keeping this valuable resource healthy.

If you’re in Denver or Front Range Co, engage professional EAB Denver & Front Range pest controllers.

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