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Why is it Important to Hire Tree Removal Services?

If you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed, the job is best left to your local tree removal experts. There is a lot involved in safely and properly removing a tree. Not only do you want to avoid damaging your yard and landscaping around the tree, you also want to avoid damaging your home or your neighbor’s property. Our tree removal specialists are highly trained to safely remove your tree. Call Ironwood Earthcare for tree removal services in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, CO.

How Much Does it Cost to Take Down a Tree?

Having a tree taken down by a professional tree arborist can cost anywhere up to a couple of thousand dollars. The cost highly depends on the size of the tree, condition of the tree and the diameter of the stump.

What Time of Year Should Trees be Cut Down?

The ideal time to cut a tree down is during the low season between late winter and spring. However, if the problem affecting your tree is severe, it may require attention sooner. Ask your tree arborist from Ironwood Earthcare during your next tree maintenance appointment in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, CO, about whether or not it is the right time to remove your tree. You may also call us at 303-366-3020 for more urgent tree removal.

Is Tree Removal Covered by Insurance?

Depending on your circumstances, you may find that tree removal is covered by your insurance. Should a tree pose a danger to your home and family, or a fallen tree has caused damage following a storm, the chances are your policy will cover removal. Ironwood Earthcare recommends that you check your insurance policy to find out if tree removal is covered. We will gladly work with you in any circumstance.

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