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mid 2Are you looking for professional tree service in Denver? Ironwood Earthcare is your perfect partner on everything tree care. Ironwood Earthcare is a full-service tree and landscape company that focuses on the care and health of trees, shrubs, and lawns in the Denver, CO area. We maintain a full-service fleet for tree trimming and pruning, total tree removal, and stump grinding to ensure your property stays safe from the hazards of problem trees.  

We are ISA-certified arborists who have been in this tree service business for 17 years. We offer tree care and maintenance services, tree trimming, and total tree removal services to residents of Denver, CO, and neighboring locations. Whether you are looking for tree removal or tree trimming, you can trust our certified team of experts to ensure that your needs are met in the most professional way.

Our rates are affordable, and you can always reach out for a free and prompt estimate whenever you need our services. Our professional arborists will guide you on the best course of action for the tree service you need and safely take care of your problem tree to keep your property safe and beautiful.  

Tree Removal Services:

Removing trees is a complex and potentially dangerous process that should only be done by experienced professionals. Ironwood Earthcare uses proven techniques and modern equipment to ensure quick and safe tree removal. Once we have performed the tree removal, we will also haul the debris away to have a safe, clean, and beautiful property again.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Trees need regular trimming to stay healthy. Tree trimming and pruning remove dead or diseased tree branches before they can lead to worsened disease or even the death and loss of your tree. Tree trimming also eliminates the hazard of overgrown tree branches that can damage your vehicles, roofs, and other property in the event of strong winds, storms, or breakage. 

We offer our tree care services throughout the year and in all weather conditions. Our ISA-certified arborists evaluate the growth, age, location, and condition of a tree before pruning and trimming to ensure that we do not interfere with its health.

Our team will safely and expertly remove any diseased and dead branches so the rest of the tree can continue growing healthy. We also remove branches to reduce crowding to boost the health of your tree.  A well-trimmed tree will suffer only minor storm damage. It will also be healthier and more likely to grow faster than a tree left with dead, diseased, and overgrown branches.

Stump Grinding

A stump smack in the middle of your lawn can be unsightly and unsafe. Ironwood Earthcare’s stump removal method is practical and efficient, and environmentally safe. We do not use chemicals. We specialize in mechanical stump grinding to chip that unsightly stump to the ground without putting other plants on your property at risk. We use the chips to fill the hole left on the ground and haul away any excess chips. 

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bottom 6Do you have a tree problem? Contact Ironwood Earthcare for premium tree service in Denver, CO. Our certified arborists are knowledgeable on all aspects of tree care and maintenance, so you can rest easy knowing that your tree care is in good hands. Before any service, our arborists will evaluate your needs and put together an estimate, and walk you through what to expect when using our services. We are always ready and happy to customize our services to match your needs. 

No tree problem is too big for us, and we have more than enough solutions to handle all your tree service needs. Do not hesitate to call us if you need a few branches removed from your trees. Our full-service fleet has all the right machinery for any job, making our service fast, efficient, and safe.  Call Ironwood Earthcare today at 303-366-3020 to set up an estimate for any tree service you require.


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