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We are ISA-certified arborists with 17+ years of experience. We provide budget-friendly tree care and tree maintenance services in Denver, CO, and the surrounding Metro Areas. From tree trimming to tree removal, you can count on our tree service expertise to cover all your needs.

Experienced & Caring Tree Services for Denver, Aurora, Centennial and the Front Range Areas

Trust your trees to the best tree service Denver CO has to offer. Ironwood Earthcare’s staff of experienced professional arborists and tree specialists are highly trained to uphold the highest standard in tree service. Tree service in Denver CO done by Ironwood Earthcare will improve the health of your trees, and improve the safety and value of your property. Ironwood Earthcare will correctly and safely remove trees, seasonally prune and trim trees, and grind away tree stumps. Ironwood Earthcare provides the best tree service Denver CO has to offer. Utilizing a combination of education and experience in our tree service, we will demonstrate the difference a certified arborist can make. Ironwood Earthcare is “setting the standard of tree care” in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas of Aurora and Centennial, as well as the rest of the Denver, CO metro area.

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Tree Removal

You may want trees to be removed from your property for any number of reasons: aesthetic reasons, overgrowth and safety concerns or because the tree creates a hazard on your property to yourself or your neighbors. This is often the case with dead trees. Large trees and dead trees can be complex and hazardous to remove, and should be done professionally for your safety. If you have a tree on your property that you would like removed, Ironwood Earthcare tree service in Denver CO can take care of the removal. If you have a problem tree, our experienced certified arborists are trained to evaluate issues and problems in trees to determine if a tree is hazardous and needs to be removed or if it just needs trimmed. No matter the reason you have for tree removal services in Denver, CO, Ironwood Earthcare’s certified arborists will use state of the art equipment and proven techniques to remove the tree(s) quickly and safely. After we’ve removed your tree, Ironwood Earthcare hauls away all debris, leaving your property clean and beautiful.

Tree Trimming

Ironwood Earthcare tree service, Denver CO can help you keep your trees healthy and looking their best with our tree trimming services. Once trees have become overgrown, trimming away extra branches is required to promote growth or to branch hazards to property or vehicles. In addition, preventative trimming can help prevent branches from breaking in heavy winds and storms. Trimming can improve both your tree’s health and the visual appeal of your landscaping.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a tree service for treating dead, dying, diseased or hazardous branches .A properly pruned tree is healthier, will look better and  endure wind and storms better. Tree service in Denver, CO is done right by Ironwood Earthcare in all seasons. Our certified and experienced arborists provide recommendations on how to prune depending on tree type, location, growth rate, age, and its condition. Most pruning can be done year-round without decreasing the health and life of the tree.

Stump Grinding

Leftover tree stumps can easily create issues in your yard. In addition to being unsightly, they can pose a real hazard in your yard. Trying to remove a tree stump yourself can be time consuming, difficult, and even dangerous. Calling the tree service professionals at Ironwood Earthcare saves you time and eliminates the problem quickly and easily. We use the efficient and practical method of mechanical stump grinding that never uses chemicals to treat the stump.  The stump is chipped apart in the ground, the hole is filled in and all excess chips are hauled away. As the premier tree service in Denver CO, Ironwood Earthcare will quickly and safely handle  your tree stumps in the Denver Metro area, including Aurora and Centennial.

High-Quality Tree & Lawn Health Care

When it comes to tree and lawn health care in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, CO, Ironwood Earthcare stands out as a premier service provider. With a commitment to delivering customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each property, we ensure your trees and lawn thrive year-round. Our team of experts boasts decades of industry knowledge and experience, making us the perfect partners for all your tree, shrub, and lawn care health needs. From routine maintenance to complex tree care projects, Ironwood Earthcare handles every job with precision, professionalism, and efficiency. No matter the size or scope of the project, you can count on Ironwood Earthcare to deliver exceptional results, always on time and within budget.


By choosing our team for your tree and lawn service in Denver and surrounding areas, you’re not just hiring a service provider—you’re gaining a reliable partner dedicated to the health and beauty of your outdoor space. Trust Ironwood Earthcare to enhance the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your trees and lawn, ensuring a vibrant and flourishing landscape for years to come.

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