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Ironwood EarthCare's Professional Tree and Lawn Services in Denver

Your home’s face value includes your lawn, trees, shrubs, and hedges because well-manicured trees, shrubs, and hedges make your residential property stand out with exquisite beauty. Having a professional residential property tree service and lawn health care provider is key to your property upkeep. Ironwood Earthcare is the leading expert in residential tree servicesresidential shrub services, and residential lawn health care in Colorado’s Denver Metro and Front Range Areas.

Ironwood Earthcare has been setting the standard in the tree and lawn care business since 2003. We pride ourselves on the way we stay current with the best science and trends in the local Colorado tree care industry. We know the Denver area’s climate and soil foundation needs, and will provide the best practices for your trees, lawns, and shrubs to leave them healthy and vibrant. Trust us to make your property stand out without the stress of maintaining your trees and yard health yourself. 

Our tree and lawn services team maintains higher levels of professionalism by offering both reliable and efficient services. Our value-driven philosophy guarantees that our tree and lawn experts will always be honest and transparent about your yard’s needs and best practices for maintaining plant health care. We differ from other lawn care services because we understand the unique challenges of Colorado’s climate and soil, and we take pride in providing successful residential lawn services in Denver, Colorado.

You can rest assured that Ironwood Earthcare’s professional tree and lawn care experts will provide top-notch customer service as we deliver excellent results that will leave you informed and your trees and lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

Tree Services in Denver

Residential Tree Services in Denver

Our tree care services are provided by our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists. Our fully certified crew has the professional training, experience, and expert skills needed to give your trees the finest treatment in Denver. Our expert ISA-certified arborists call Denver, Colorado, home and are personally familiar with the unique needs of trees and lawns in the Denver Area. 

Contact our team of ISA-certified arborists when you need your trees to be safely and professionally trimmed, pruned, or completely removed. Trust our tree experts to get the job done with utmost ease!

Why You Need Tree Trimming Services

Using Professional Tree Trimming as a routine service for your trees:

  • Boosts their healthy growth
  • Stimulates thick and luxurious foliage 
  • Maintains a safe and elegant yard
  • Safely removes diseased aspects of the tree

Total Tree Removal Services 

Dead and dying trees are not only an unsightly nuisance, they present a hazard to your residence and potentially your neighbor’s property. Don’t neglect your dead or dying tree and the liability that comes with any damage it may cause you or your neighbor’s property. Instead, use Ironwood Earthcare’s professional tree removal service to reduce your liability for damage caused by your dead or dying tree.

Our ISA-certified arborists will expertly remove any dead or diseased tree from your residence without causing harm to your property. 

Think Ironwood Earthcare for Professional Tree Removal Services:

  • When you are afraid that a tree branch may fall and destroy your premises
  • When you have a diseased tree that may threaten the health of your other plants/trees
  • In an emergency that calls for tree removal
  • When storms damage a tree 
  • Whenever you want to clear the ground for a new structure
  • Anytime you feel that your tree is unattractive and is adding zero value to the surrounding property

Contact us today by calling 303-366-3020 for more information and a free estimate for your tree service needs.  We look forward to serving your tree service needs in Denver. 

Shrub Care in Denver

At Ironwood Earthcare, we acknowledge the fact that your shrubs are part of your landscape needs. As such, we provide professional shrub care service to maintain this integral element of your landscapes. 

  • Professional advice on shrub choices
  • Shrub and ornamental maintenance
  • Shrub fertilization
  • Shrub disease control
  • Shrub pest control

Call Ironwood Earthcare for professional and caring shrub care in Denver, Colorado, today at

Residential Lawn Services in Denver

Ironwood Earthcare specializes in state-of-the-industry and science-based practices to maintain your lawn health.  Our lawn care team of highly trained specialists driven are by a passion for healthy lawns in Denver’s challenging climate.

Why choose Ironwood Earthcare to care for your lawn?

  • We have a team of highly trained and certified arborists with a specialty in lawn care.
  • We will provide consistent and customized services that are informed by advanced science-based trends.
  • We will take care of your lawn’s health and offer the necessary guidance to ensure that it stays in pristine condition. 
  • We collaborate with our customers to attain an elegant lawn that gives all-year-round health and beauty.

Our Expert Lawn Health Care Services Include: 

  • Seasonal fertilization
  • Targetted weed control
  • Targetted pest control

Contact Ironwood Earthcare at 303-366-3020 today to schedule a free estimate for your lawn health care! 

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