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Many different types of diseases exist, affecting countless numbers of shade and landscape trees, as well as shrubs. Indeed, Tree diseases are just as scary as they sound. When trees catch diseases, they exhibit various qualities, such as dying leaves and branches that fall to the ground. Sometimes, these diseases could even prove to be fatal. More often than not, professional help is needed to determine the condition of these trees.

To take the necessary measures to control these diseases, our certified arborists must first identify which of the following diseases are plaguing your trees. Here is what you must know about disease control in Colorado Springs.

The Types of Tree Diseases and Insect Control

Regardless, here are five of the most dangerous diseases trees can contract. We would also help you understand why you need professional help to ensure your trees are safe and why we’re the best to help you control these tree diseases.

You can find issues such as emerald ash borer, fire blight, mountain pine beetles, other tree pests that require members of the professional tree treatment community. If you find aphids on your property in Colorado or notice the cytospora canker, in addition to other problems, remember that we are here to take care of these issues. 

From the borer to elm bark beetle to the engraver beetle or even sooty mold or winter weather, our professionals understand the tree situation and preserve health.

Lethal Yellowing

Commonly found in Florida and Texas, this disease is caused by a parasite called phytoplasma. It is transmitted by a plant called a planthopper, and it causes the leaves of that particular tree to yellow. If the planthopper lands on surrounding trees, the trees are just as likely to contract this disease.

Although the symptoms vary from tree to tree, they can generally cause the affected trees to die. As someone who loves trees, you would begin to see the leaves getting yellow and falling and would then see the entire tree begin to weaken. To save the tree, professional help in Colorado Springs is needed. 

So if you are wondering, what is wrong with my tree, remember that professionals like Ironwood Eartchare in Colorado Springs are there to answer your call.

Oak Wilt is A Tree Issue

When trees contract this disease, one thing follows afterward; death. Oak wilt is a hazardous fungal disease that is common in many forests. It is commonly transmitted by roof grafts and beetles that are infected.

When a tree catches this disease, you will notice that the leaves would start to get discolored. Additionally, the leaves would begin to wilt and begin to defoliate prematurely. If you see similar issues in Colorado Springs, remember to call us at Ironwood Earthcare to conduct disease control.

Thousand Canker Disease

The thousand canker disease is a disease that affects trees that grow walnuts. It is mainly caused by walnut twig beetles that would gradually begin to grow around them and form cankers. They would then start to consume the tree slowly, absorbing all its nutrients.

At present, once a tree catches the thousand canker disease and begins to have bad health, it would probably die soon after. Hence, unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the thousand canker disease effects when a tree contracts it. 

However, along with professional help, you would be able to contain the disease from spreading and prevent any other tree from contracting it in the first place. Remember that insects and diseases go hand in hand, and so a tree service company like Ironwood Earthcare becomes crucial to provide tree services that preserve the tree.

Powdery Mildew

If you’ve ever noticed a white substance on the surface of the leaves on a tree, there is a significant chance that you’ve come into contact with powdery mildew. Fungal pathogens are the cause of this disease, and it is prevalent in many parts of the world.

If you want to control this disease, it is essential to avoid overcrowding when you’re planting trees and selecting some variants of this tree’s species resistant to this disease. It is also vital to keep the environment clean. Luckily, we can provide all of these services.

The Excellent Tree Services We Provide in the Denver and Colorado Springs Area

We understand trees’ value and ensure to provide overall assistance and tree services to our Colorado communities. Here is how we help you.

Tree Care Consultation

We understand how hard it is to find good advice, recommendations, and solutions to tree problems and maintenance, and that’s what we’re here to help you with, from beauty to overall tree health. Our committed customer care is dedicated to being available for all forms of questions, issues, and complaints. 

We can even give you several tips on how to grow and maintain a group of trees successfully. Whether you want to learn more about the borer, caterpillars, signs, or other factors, our tree care family is here to help.

Identification of Damage on Your Landscape

If you don’t know how to decipher one tree disease from the other, you don’t have to worry too much. We have a set of highly skilled tree care professionals that can successfully identify various types of conditions. Additionally, they know how to distinguish friendly and helpful insects from harmful ones that would harm your precious trees.

Treatment Options

More often than not, treating these three diseases is challenging. It requires proper care, attention, and maintenance skills. 

Additionally, it is almost impossible to treat these diseases without adequate knowledge on these diseases and professional tools to match. That’s what we’re here for. 

We provide convenient services such as weed control and surface insect control.

Also, we provide a fertilization service that would significantly facilitate the growth of any tree we maintain. If we find that it is necessary to conduct tree removal, we will do so as quickly as possible.

Our job is to ensure that your landscape stays as fresh as possible, and trees are a crucial part of the process. That is why we ensure to provide overall tree care services that provide value to you and your neighborhood.

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From tree care to other program offerings in Denver, remember that our arborists are there to ensure that your trees and shrubs are taken care of throughout the year. We provide comprehensive services from trunk injections to tree injections or the mitigation of insects in your plants.

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