Tree Trimming Service in Centennial Colorado

Centennial Colorado Tree Trimming

midThere are many neighborhoods and urban areas in Centennial, Colorado that are full of beautiful trees. In fact, Centennial hosts a tree program that encourages citizens to plant trees of certain species inside the City of Centennial. By planting these specific species of trees, energy is conserved by creating shady areas and water is conserved by planting trees that have lower watering needs than many others.

While planting new trees is important to the ecosystem and vital to beautification and energy conservation, maintaining the health of existing trees is even more important. Without care, all the expense, water and labor put into growing these trees is lost. The team at Ironwood Earthcare are professionals in the tree care industry and promote healthy trees in Centennial, Colorado.

Trees are an investment in your property, whether residential or commercial. Properties with mature trees have a higher property value than those without. It’s not just the curb appeal, but the ambiance and privacy that healthy mature trees provide. Trimming your trees is very important. Why wouldn’t you want to protect that investment with tree care by certified arborists like Ironwood Earthcare?

Why Trim Your Trees?

When your trees are not properly trimmed, they can grow too close to power lines or buildings. Often, branches that have been damaged or simply become too heavy for the tree to support can become dangerous. If they fall, they can hurt people, animals, or damage cars and buildings. Tree trimming also encourages new growth, which is important to the good health of the tree itself.

When professionals trim your trees, they can also diagnose any diseases or other issues that your trees might have before it becomes a larger problem and spreads further on the tree or trees close to it. Lastly, but still important, trimming your trees will make them more attractive by improving the tree’s structure.

How Often Do Your Trees Need Trimmed?

Young trees should be trimmed annually until they are about five years old. This helps shape them and keep them healthy during their younger years so that they will thrive and become adult trees. Once they are mature, every five to ten years should be sufficient, unless there has been damage to them due to a storm or other accident.

Ironwood Earthcare services residential, commercial, and rural properties in Centennial, Colorado. Call for an estimate!

Centennial, Colorado Information

bottom 2Centennial lies in Arapaho County and has roughly 108,000 people in the city limits. It is the 10th largest city in Colorado. In spite of the size, it is known for being one of the safest communities in the United States. Centennial got its name from Colorado’s nickname of the “Centennial State.” Colorado was called this because it was admitted into the union in 1876, the 100th anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Centennial has a wonderful downtown area full of unique breweries, dining, shops and boutiques called the Streets at Southglenn. The city also boasts many outdoor activities, beautiful parks, and a variety of festivals. It’s easy to see why so many people are attracted to living in or visiting Centennial, Colorado.

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