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mid 3Aurora, Colorado hosts a multitude of trees and actually hosts a city tree program. City trees are leaf dropping trees that are owned by the city and planted in front of single-family homes in public right-of-way easements. The easements are the property of the City of Aurora, so the trees planted on them are also owned by the city and therefore cared for by the city.

It’s wonderful to not have the added expense and labor of caring for these trees, but if you have your own trees on your property, they also need to be maintained and nurtured. Ironwood Earthcare promotes healthy trees in Aurora and encourages you to take excellent care of your own trees.

Protect your investment by having your trees trimmed by a certified arborist. It’s a proven fact that neighborhoods with mature, maintained trees increase the property value in the area. Whether you have a residential or rural property, or a business – trees are an investment in your property and it’s important to take care of them properly. Attempting to take care of them when you’re not qualified can cause more damage than good.

Why Trim Your Trees?

Trimming your trees encourages new growth and will keep the tree balanced so that the weight of the branches is distributed evenly. Trimming helps you avoid falling and broken branches, as well, which can cause damage to property and injuries to humans and animals alike.

It can also benefit because sections can be removed that have a disease or fungi and keep it from spreading to the other areas of the tree, which could potentially kill it. Trimming and shaping make the trees more attractive, as well.

How Often Do Your Trees Need Trimmed?

Young trees should be trimmed annually until they are about five years old. This helps shape them and keep them healthy during their younger years so that they will thrive and become adult trees. Once they are mature, every five to ten years should be sufficient, unless there has been damage to them due to a storm or other accident.

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Aurora, Colorado Information

bottom 8Aurora is aptly named “The Gateway to the Rockies” and it is the third largest city in Colorado, with a population of a little over 400,000 people. In spite of its population, it has a very relaxed feel and an abundance of outdoor activities. It has over 8,000 acres of open space and roughly 100 parks for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Aurora is also known for its’ excellent health care facilities and great schools. Due to the influx of new residents, it is becoming more and more diverse every year. It is rich in arts and culture.

The Aurora Cultural Arts District is the foundation of the arts community in the city. Music, art galleries and theatre are in abundance. Shopping, dining establishments and entertainment are endless. Aurora, Colorado is a destination city.

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