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Have overgrown trees around your home that need pruning? Why sweat with all the hard work when you, a certified arborist from Ironwood Earthcare, could prune trees for you? Whether the tree in the front yard has too many branches or need help climbing up those unsightly lower branches, we know exactly what to do.

We are a locally owned tree company that offers affordable rates and does a wonderful job. Our professional tree service in Aurora, CO, provides a same-day tree pruning service that doesn’t hurt your large tree. Our spike-free pruning ensures newly planted trees grow neat and healthy.

What are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Trees are an important feature of your landscape, providing much-needed shade during hot weather as well as creating curb appeal for your home. Without proper care, your trees can become overgrown, and the branches can become a hazard to you, your family and home, and your neighbors. 

Tree trimming is a crucial part of tree care, keeping your trees and the tree branches healthy and safe from disease. Trimming keeps your landscape beautiful and lush and prevents trees from deteriorating and eventually dying.

Ironwood Earthcare offers professional tree trimming services in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, CO. Our arborists will look for signs of damage, decay, and weak spots from roots to the branches then take the necessary steps to rectify the problems. Keeping your property pristine with our tree thinning and removal service is our top priority. We make sure your trees are well kept and look beautiful.

When Should Trees Be Trimmed?

Ironwood Earthcare recommends that your trees be trimmed each year as part of your regular maintenance schedule. During spring and late summer, trees undergo periods of rapid branch and leaf growth. During fall, leaves and dead or broken branches fall to the ground, where they cause slip and trip hazards. 

Ironwood Earthcare’s arborists will expertly removal of dead and dying branches in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, CO. We keep your trees and bushes neatly maintained for a safe and beautiful environment at all times.

Why is Tree Trimming Important?

While it is important to keep your landscape clear from debris that can cause hazards on the ground and around electricity cables, regular tree trimming also works to keep your trees healthy. 

Tree pruning services by Ironwood Earthcare provide the removal of excess tree branch burden and even out the tree to ensure they’re healthier year-round with better access to the warm rays of the sun, which are crucial to their growth. Our arborists can assess your live hedges and tree pruning needs and offer a prompt service at a reasonable price.

How Long Does Tree Pruning Take?

Tree pruning can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a whole day, depending on the tree size and its condition. A simple tree with a few branches can be pruned from the ground by one person. Larger trees likely take several hours as the work requires ropes, a climber, a woodchipper, and a ground crew.

Why Hire a Tree Service for Tree Removal?

A tree service ensures your tree population grows healthy and stays disease-free. Besides making your front yard look healthier and presentable, a residential tree service can ensure overgrown branches don’t harm your property during storm damage. 

Hiring professionals to help you with tree removal, lot clearing, or handle a new growth saves you time and money. Tree professionals from a tree service company can also safely trim trees near powerlines.

A great deal of the arborist’s job requires experience, expertise, and knowledge of different trees. Most tree removal services have qualified tree technicians to provide fast and efficient tree services in Aurora, Colorado, and surrounding areas. Another reason to hire professionals from a tree removal company is they’re fully insured.

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Want to create a beautiful yard with lush and healthy trees? Hire us to trim or prune your trees in aurora il and ensure your tree attains the right height. We’ll keep your trees healthy and looking majestic with regular tree trimming and pruning in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, CO. 

We provide free estimates and do a good job of cutting trees and removing dead branches. Schedule Ironwood Earthcare to trim and prune your trees by calling us at (303) 366-3020.

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When it comes to tree and lawn health care in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, CO, Ironwood Earthcare stands out as a premier service provider. With a commitment to delivering customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each property, we ensure your trees and lawn thrive year-round. Our team of experts boasts decades of industry knowledge and experience, making us the perfect partners for all your tree, shrub, and lawn care health needs. From routine maintenance to complex tree care projects, Ironwood Earthcare handles every job with precision, professionalism, and efficiency. No matter the size or scope of the project, you can count on Ironwood Earthcare to deliver exceptional results, always on time and within budget.


By choosing our team for your tree and lawn service in Denver and surrounding areas, you’re not just hiring a service provider—you’re gaining a reliable partner dedicated to the health and beauty of your outdoor space. Trust Ironwood Earthcare to enhance the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your trees and lawn, ensuring a vibrant and flourishing landscape for years to come.

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