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Tree Fertilization Serviced in the Spring and Fall

As humans need nutrients to grow and function properly, so do plants and trees of all types. This is similar to plants because they are living organisms that also require nutrients to function.

Colorado soils are notoriously low in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are building blocks of plant health and growth. Additionally, iron is unavailable to some plants and species in our area.

Tree and shrubs fertilizer injected into the soil or Compost Tea topically applied can improve plant health by increasing vigor and color.

Serviced in the fall, as trees are drawing in storable water and nutrient for winter, your landscape will be charged for the coming year. This can be accomplished through organic sources of these elements or synthetic time-release compounds. Fertilizers can also be directly trunk injected for emergency tree care.

Here is what you must know about general tree fertilization services for your trees and shrubs in Denver.

What is Tree Fertilization in Denver?

Tree fertilization is the addition of organic or chemical products to encourage the growth and stability of trees. These products contain nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, potassium, and other vital minerals needed for trees to grow.

What is The Need for Tree Or Shrub Fertilization?

Using the body as a scenario, we receive regular nutrients from our everyday meals. This is the same as your trees taking in nutrients from the soil with their roots’ aid. Recall that various grounds in Denver can foster root system growth and overall root development. 

Further, you can find that the right soil can support healthy leaves on your tree and shrubs. But did you know that clay soil or other types of soil are not the best for your tree, shrubs, and different plant life on your property? They have fewer nutrients are more difficult to navigate in Colorado.

A healthy lawn in Colorado needs quite a bit of nutrient, flexibility in soil, and other conditions to support beauty and function within your lawn.

But sometimes, these nutrients we take may not be enough; therefore, we are recommended to take supplements that will provide extra nutrients for our bodies. This supplement in plant form is the necessary fertilizer. They are to help grow the tree and shrub present on your property, not to replace its nutrition.

Of course, regardless of the conditions present and your present location in Denver, your trees and shrubs should not have over-fertilization. Remember that tree and shrub fertilization in Denver should be in moderation and promote overall growth.

When Does My Tree Need Fertilization?

There are some physical attributes a tree that needs fertilizer exhibits, and they include:

  • Dead tree branches
  • Dead or withered tree leaf tips
  • Darker leaf veins. The veins are usually darker than the leaf margins.
  • Shorter annual yield and growth
  • Change in the color of leaves such as hello
  • Low amount of produce(fruits)

This aspect is usually the sign that your tree needs leaves. But fertilizing should not be done to only trees like this, trees whose shoot growth is less than 2m should also be fertilized, or when soil testing results conclude the deficiencies of nutrients.

When is the Perfect Time to Fertilize My Trees in Denver?

Generally, there is no perfect time to fertilize your trees as fertilizers are not environmental-dependent, but some periods of the year give extra benefits when fertilizing.

Fall and spring give fertilizing a boost. Late April or early May is the period for plant dormancy. They are usually inactive during this time. 

The fall season with fertilizers helps plants recover all their lost nutrients during the summertime. 

Spring seasons help give the trees extra vibrancy throughout summer, helps provide essential nutrients that will allow plants to grow healthy but fight off diseases, and supports the growth of new parts.


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