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Bushes and Shrubs are typically used as accent pieces in landscapes. Cared for properly, they enhance property value and provide depth and continuity to a yard. Pruned improperly, they can become unsightly or overgrown.

Ironwood Earthcare’s staff of professional arborists understands the natural form and potential seasonality involved in shrub pruning in Denver CO. Whether mechanically shearing for smooth appearance and shape or hand pruning for health and vitality, our crew’s eye for detail ensures quality that is second to none.

Shrub Pruning Services

Did your last pruning service leave the shrubs almost dead and their leaves all brown? Are you still scared of consulting the assistance of an external pruner to avoid a repeat of this event? We understand how it feels to see your handwork damaged overnight and ensure to provide quality services every time.

We know your garden or shrubs are near and dear to you and hold strong financial and emotional importance; as such, we are dedicated to giving them the best attention to improving their overall health and appearance.

To people without detailed knowledge of plants, shrub trimming is merely the use of a secateur and trimming overgrown flowers and shrubs without paying attention to the future overall health of the shrubs but it is so much more than that.

Our team has the knowledge, experience, and overall expertise to help you with overgrown shrubs, spring-flowering shrubs, dead branches, broken branches, flower buds, bushy growth, and more. If you are looking for help with shrub trimming, young trees, tree branch issues, and general matters with trees and shrubs, reach out to our team at Iron Wood Earth Care today. We are pleased to work with you on new growth, branch collar work, root system matters, heading cuts, and more.

What is Trimming?

Trimming and pruning is a process of removal overgrown or unwanted parts of a plant or group of plants to give it a good appearance and also facilitate stem regrowth. A well-trimmed plant should not send the plants into a panic or dormant stage, rather encourage it to produce new parts to restore balance and activate dormant buds. 

But when over-pruning occurs, the plants are stripped off of their necessary parts to grow, creating a tendency for plant suckering which gives it a poor, raggedy and malnourished look. This then leaves you into investing additional time, effort to reawaken the affected plant.

The complexity of trimming is different plant species require different trimming methods, time of trimming, and regularity they should be trimmed. Hence, the need for a professional arborist service to discern the plant species and determine the type of trimming or pruning needed.

If you are looking for help with dead branches, branch collar work, butterfly bush, tangled shrubs, summer flowering shrubs, and more, reach out to us today. We are pleased to work with you on new growth, early spring shrub care, fruit trees, tree trunk matters, and much more.

What You Can Expect From Us With your Trees and Shrubs

We understand proper trimming skills are not acquired easily and require years of study and practice. That is why we have taken the time to do the studying and the practicing.

We have certainly learned the craft and have the credentials, experience, and knowledge to provide you with the proper service that you require when it comes to your trees and shrubs. From the right pruning tools to effective pruning shears to the understanding of seasonal care when it comes to pruning spring-flowering shrubs, early frost and late winter, general season’s growth, and healthy growth reach out to us at Iron Wood Earth Care today.

You no longer need to stress or worry about the health and appearance of your shrubs when you can simply request our services. We offer not only pruning but also additional benefits that facilitate your garden’s regrowth and they are present below.

  • Proper and timely shrub trimming of any species of plant: No matter the state of the shrub, no matter the level of overgrowth, our team is ready to swoop and start cutting and shaping the multi-stemmed, thickly dense shrub into a presentable appearance whilst preserving the health.
  • Removal of deadwood and plants: We also help remove dead plants that may have deteriorated due to poor maintenance, age, or former bad pruning services.
  • Create and new plant development landscape plans: Do you need the services of professional arborists to convert that wasteland to a luscious haven for your plants? Then you need us as we offer plant landscaping services for residential owners and public or private corporations.
  • Provide plant diagnosis: if your shrubs’ health declining rapidly and you can’t seem to find the cause, then we are there for you. Our certified team of expert plant arborists will find out what is plaguing your shrubs and also proffer immediate solutions to you.
  • Offer shrub tips and maintenance tricks: to ensure your shrubs last you a lifetime, we offer maintenance tips and tricks you can’t find anywhere. We are here to save you from buying pointless eBooks or physical books that promise secrets. You don’t need these books when you have professionals who can provide effective care all year round.

In addition to these benefits, have overall peace of mind knowing that you can connect with a friendly, relatable, and patient customer service team ready to answer your questions and concerns regularly. Our strong digital presence allows our customers to access our services with no hassle, making us accessible both online and offline.

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