Tree Fertilization in Colorado

What is Tree Fertilization?

Tree fertilization is the addition of organic compounds to encourage the growth and stability of trees. Plants, like humans, need nutrients to grow and function properly because they too are living organisms that also require nutrients for optimal health. Professional fertilization is done in a way that provides long-term benefits to your lawn and trees. Colorado soils are notoriously low in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are the building blocks of plant health and growth. Additionally, iron is unavailable to some plants and species in the Denver Front Range area. Fortunately, there are tree and shrub fertilizers that can be injected into the soil, which will improve plant health by increasing vigor and color. Professionally applied fertilizers contain nutrients like iron, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, in the proper ratio needed for trees to grow in certain climates and soils.

Why Tree and Shrub Fertilization?

Trees take in nutrients from the soil and the right soil can support healthy leaves on your tree and shrubs. But did you know that clay soil or other types of soil that are local to Colorado and the Denver area are not the best for your tree, shrubs, and lawn? These soils have fewer nutrients and are more difficult to correct in Colorado. Healthy soil for yards and trees in Colorado must have the optimal ratio of nutrients, and other conditions to support beauty and function within your lawn. Professional fertilization by Ironwood Earthcare is customized for the soil in the Denver area and is slow release to continually supplement your soil to help your trees, shrubs, and lawn to grow beautifully.

When Does My Tree Need Fertilization?

Trees and shrubs that need fertilization may have:

  • Dead tree branches
  • Dead or withered tree leaf tips
  • Darker leaf veins
  • Shorter annual yield and growth
  • Change in the color of leaves
  • Low amount of produce(fruit)

When is the Perfect Time to Fertilize My Trees in Colorado?

Fall and spring fertilizing give your trees and yards a year-round boost.  Fall fertilization helps plants recover all their used nutrients during the summertime and prepares the plants to last through their more dormant months of winter. Spring fertilization helps give your trees extra vibrancy throughout summer and helps provide essential nutrients that will allow plants to grow healthy and fight off diseases.

What Type of Fertilizers Does My Trees and Shrubs in Colorado Need?

Plants need micro and macronutrients to survive. The difference is the amount both nutrients need to be in the soil.

Macronutrients are the nutrients needed in excesses, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium(NPK). Micronutrients are the nutrients required in smaller or minute quantities, such as Boron, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum e.t.c.

Depending on the deficient nutrient your tree needs, there are different types of fertilizers, and they include;

  1. Organic fertilizers
  2. Inorganic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers: This is a natural type of fertilizer that involves the decomposition of organic food materials, human and animal dungs, and decayed plant matter. The decomposition provides nutrients that are very useful to the plants. These waste materials are gathered together, decomposed, and distributed evenly in the tree’s soil.

Inorganic fertilizers: They are chemicals or factory-made fertilizers. They are the product of research works to better the growth of soils.

Examples include:

  • Nitrogen fertilizers
  • Phosphate fertilizers
  • Potassium fertilizers
  • Micronutrients fertilizer
  • Nitrogen fertilizers with inhibitors
  • Calcium, Sulphur, and magnesium fertilizer
  • Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate fertilizers. This is usually the most popular type of inorganic fertilizer, and they can come in different ratios.

How Much Fertilizer Does My Soil Require?

It is important to use professional fertilization services, such as is available through Ironwood Earthcare, because small and young trees can be damaged by the wrong formula. This can burn up the roots and leaves.  Professional soil testing may be used to help determine which customized fertilizer blend your trees and yard need to be their best. Our experts utilize the most current science of fertilization to provide effective fertilization to all of our clients in the Aurora and Denver, Colorado areas. Call us today for a free quote for fertilization service to help your yard and trees grown happy and healthy.

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