Servicing Your Trees – Cust or Just Trim It?

Your trees are a crucial part of your landscape. These trees offer shade, add to the beauty of the environment and provide other benefits. But it can be complicated to take care of a tree. Sure, it is essential to water the tree and provide it with the right fertilizers, but it is essential to conduct more care for it.

It can be tricky to see what all you have to do to conduct tree care. That is where our tree service company comes into the picture. We can provide you with tree removal, tree trimming, and general local tree services in the Denver area.

If you are looking for tree services in the Denver area, reach out to Iron Wood Earth Care today. We are pleased to help you with a proper tree care regimen today. With that, let us look at the value of servicing your trees and whether you need to cut or just trim them.

Servicing Your Trees: Cut it or Just Trim it?

Well-groomed and healthy-looking trees are one of the best exterior decorations you can invest in for your property. They give your property a relaxing and homely feel while also helping to keep your environment cool and breezy.

But for you to get a well-groomed look, you must service and take care of your trees regularly. Furthermore, regular tree care helps your tree grow better and bear more fruits (if it is a fruit-bearing tree).

On the other hand, not regularly taking care of your trees can cause several problems – dying and diseased trees, rotten plants. The tree can cause serious issues like falling and causing some damage in the long run.  To avoid unhealthy trees and minimize the issues resulting from dead branches, contact our tree service in Denver for the best tree servicing results.

So, how should you service your trees?

There are several ways of taking care of your trees to keep them healthy, namely:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree cutting/removal

Tree Trimming

Trimming is the removal of overgrown parts of plants and trees. Regular tree trimming is necessary for the continuous growth of your trees. That is because excessive growth can stop sunlight from reaching most parts of the trees.

Therefore, your trees need trimming to maintain their healthy look. Apart from that, you can also use tree trimming to preserve the tree shape and aesthetics. Regularly trimming your trees gives them this appealing and decorative look. Besides, you can make a statement with your trees. You only need to cut them into shape.


  • Helps your tree get better sunlight exposure.
  • Improves the overall health of your trees.
  • Helps to counterbalance root loss.
  • Increase the appearance of your tree.


  • Over-trimming can damage your trees.
  • It can reduce productivity.
  • If not carried out correctly, it can lead to the death of the tree.

To avoid all these problems for your trees, use a qualified tree service Denver offers for your tree trimming. Reach out to Iron Wood Earth Care today for your various tree services.

Tree pruning 

Tree pruning removes dead or diseased branches from your plant to protect the other part of the tree. It ensures that the disease doesn’t spread further than the affected areas. It also helps to control the spread of the disease to other trees.

Pruning is good for your trees’ continuous growth and development. And ideally, you should prune at least once a year. The best time to prune is after the blooming cycle.


  • Best for controlling diseased plants
  • Remove hanging branches
  • Remove weak branches to avoid future accidents


  • If not carried out properly, tree pruning can lead to the growth of microorganisms
  • Pruning at the wrong time can damage the tree
  • Excessive pruning can shorten the tree’s life span

So, when you consider pruning, ensure to reach out to Iron Wood Earth Care professionals today.

Tree Cutting 

Tree cutting is the complete removal of a tree, usually a dead or problematic tree. You may need to have a tree removed immediately to prevent future accidents. Diseased or dead trees are a threat and should be cut down immediately.

However, you should not cut down your tree yourself if you aren’t trained, especially in a residential environment. That can cause several problems like falling in the wrong position and damaging your property. You can also injure yourself without the right equipment for tree cutting.


  • Prevents accidents from falling trees
  • Provides room for regeneration
  • Stops disease spreading
  • Can fetch some money for you


  • If not handled correctly, it can cause destruction
  • It can destroy animal and bird habitat if they live on that tree

When Should You Cut a Tree? 

Most times, you don’t need to cut a tree unless it is dead or in a difficult position. Trimming and pruning are enough to service your tree. A tree service company will note that these are some reasons to consider complete tree removal or cutting.

  • The tree position is too close to the house
  • A dead or weak tree
  • Severe storm damage
  • Encroaching problems

As you can see, there are several critical situations when you want to conduct tree removal from an effective tree services company.

Situations like these require that you act fast before it leads to more severe damage. For example, a tree that is severely damaged by lightning is at the risk of falling anytime soon. You’d want to avoid it falling itself and causing more damage by taking it down in a controlled way with damage.

Also, when a tree is too close to your house, it may disturb ventilation. It may also cause the invasion of rodents or pests in your home. Tree cutting is the best way to avoid all these problems.

Don’t attempt to cut your trees down yourself without any training. You may cause more harm than good.

Also, keep in mind that your tree cutting costs are mainly driven by the tree size, location, and tree species. Trees closer to properties are usually more labor-intensive for minimal damage, so the removal cost may be more expensive. The same goes for larger trees; they will require more labor and time compared to smaller trees.

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If you’re unsure whether to cut or trim your tree, consult a certified arborist at Iron Wood Earth Care today for the correct advice and tree service. Remember always to get professional help when it comes to servicing your trees in Denver CO.

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