The only way you will feel obliged to take good care of your lawn is if you understand the benefits that come with such care. So many people enjoy the look of a beautiful lawn, but they do not understand that beauty is only one aspect of a well-tended lawn.

For starters, when you put some professional touch to your lawn, the value of your property rises. Obviously, the hundreds of dollars you will have spent on making your lawn stand out dwarf compared to the increase in property value, which comes in thousands of dollars.

It is a great idea to understand how to grow the perfect lawn but the truth is that it will take quite a bit of work.

The perfect green lawn will take much work because there are many different factors at play. You will have to do the research and think about how to get to the lush lawn that you desire in a sustainable way. What this means is that you can always go with a DIY approach but that may not provide the right returns. For instance, you will have to spend much time in research and understand obscure aspects like how corn gluten meal can contribute to the perfect lawn.

Indeed, you will also have to understand the difference between cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses as premium grass seed details, the value of a soil test, grass fertilizer, dull blade tears, how to deal with grass clippings, and more.

Of course, what about the existing grass and the weed seeds? Then other questions may start to arise, like what to do about grass in early spring and how to obtain a healthier lawn throughout each season.

It can certainly become more complex quickly over time. That is why our team at Ironwood Earth Care is here to help with healthier grass techniques and programs that help you get to your perfect lawn. We understand the value of a green lawn and know how to navigate warm-season grasses, cool-season grasses, general turfgrass matters, and the value of the right mower blade.

If you are looking for a thicker lawn and want to make sure to have the perfect green lawn in the Denver & Aurora CO area, reach out to our team at Ironwood Earth Care today.

The Importance of Professional Lawn Services

It is easy to see how a well-grown lawn can enhance the artistic look of a property’s landscape, but it is good to understand there is a good level of science involved.

In fact, some people prefer to engage an established lawn care firm to tend to their lawns because such a company addresses all aspects of lawn management and takes the burden off your shoulders.

Odd as this may sound to anyone not familiar with lawn management techniques, it is vital to analyze the health of your lawn as it is before you can initiate any action. After all, any science-based solution requires empirical data.

Testing of Soil

A professional lawn attendant will test your soil to establish if it has the right amount and composition of nutrients to sustain a healthy lawn. If coming from a firm that provides lawn services, such a person will come with the right equipment for the task.

In fact, such firms treat your lawn the way agricultural officers treat cash crop farms, and it is even normal to find them testing your soil for its pH level. The results of such tests then become the basis for the recommendations they make regarding fertilizers and other lawn requirements.


There is also something else referred to as dethatching, which entails the removal of the tightly woven mat of fresh and dried plant matter from the soil surface. This leaves clear spaces within the lawn through which nutrients and moisture penetrate the earth to reach the roots of the grass.

While you could take pride in doing dethatching on your own, you may not always have the appropriate equipment for the job. In fact, many people resign themselves to the fact that they may have only one or two of the tools needed for maintaining the lawn as seasons change.

They realize it may be cheaper to hire a professional to maintain their lawn than spend money buying a rake or a power dethatcher. They still continue to worry about the aeration of the soil and other aspects of lawn maintenance.

Those with small lawns measuring around a hundred square feet and below require thatching rakes, but if the lawns are expansive, the homeowners need power dethatchers. It costs around $45 to rent a power dethatcher for one day.

Soil Aeration

People who do not want to leave anything to chance opt to pay for professional lawn maintenance services. Besides testing your soil and dethatching your lawn, these professionals make use of gas-powered core extractors to aerate the soil during the appropriate season, usually, fall; and if the lawn is not big, they use a core extractor that is foot-powered.

If you choose to rent the gas-powered one for one day and do the job yourself, it will cost you $60. It is important to note that aerating your lawn is fundamentally important if you look forward to developing and maintaining a lush lawn.

In fact, one expert in horticulture at Iowa State University, Nick Christian, recommends that you do the aeration when you are doing your weed control; the one you do before weeds begin to emerge. This is also the best time to feed the lawn with the first dose of fertilizer.

Lawn Mowing

Your lawn needs to be mowed to make it shorter and tidy and get rid of the dry tips. A lawn is normally attractive when it is around two inches in height. After the lawn has been mowed and the dead ends removed, it begins to develop fresh growth that contributes to the lushness of the lawn.

Regular Lawn Maintenance

Whether you intend to maintain your lawn personally or hire a professional lawn maintenance firm for the job, there are still some small tasks you can continue to do. After all, carrying out some of these tasks is therapeutic.

Raking up remnant tree leaves from the previous season is one such task. Besides making your lawn look clean, raking up such leaves, especially at the end of the fall season, fluffs up the grass that will often have been crammed down by snow or even rain.

Work with Ironwood Earthcare For A Thicker Lawn

Whether you want to deal with grass seed matters, want to optimize a green lawn, or need help with a soil test, our team is here for you. We appreciate thicker lawn aspirations and account for dormant grass, lawn treatments, and general help when it comes to your landscape.

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