10 Ways How Tree Services Can Improve A Home’s Curb Appeal

Tree trimming is a necessary element of proper tree care. Some of the work is easy to do, but other essential services call for professionals. 

Residential tree services include more than just trimming branches; instead, the homeowner who hires the tree service gets a range of benefits and landscaping services.

Here we’ll cover how certified arborists provide tree care that delivers benefits that begin with improved curb appeal.


Improved Aesthetics

This is the most obvious way that professional tree trimming services add value. You want old. Dead limbs cut away to avoid an unhealthy-looking landscape. We don’t get too much moss in Denver, but you might not want it on your property.

Moving a small tree or just removing it entirely might also improve a home’s curb appeal. However, while removing a small six-foot tree is easy enough, moving the tree to a new spot isn’t.

The challenge is not moving the tree to ensure it remains healthy and thrives in the new location. Professional tree services will likely have a professional arborist on staff who can help you determine how to move things around for improved aesthetics.


Cleaning up Stumps 

Nothing kills a home’s landscaping like a dead tree or a big, rotting tree stump out front. Even if it isn’t an eyesore, it might be in the way. Instead of trying to work around it, you can have it removed. 

The stump may also attract termites, wasps, or other pest insects. A fungal disease could develop in the deadwood and spread to other parts of your landscape. A tree service will take care of that problem.

Stump grinding is a tough job for the homeowner and is a safety risk.

The bigger the job, the more it makes sense to hire a professional stump removal who will have to take care of it. A tree service should also remove the stump’s roots because they will invariably interfere with future lawn care or landscaping work.

Removing Dead Trees

Tree removal is usually a job for professionals because of the risk. A large tree can be cut down, but there is a danger of that tree falling on a car, shed, house, or fence. 

Everything about stumps applies to dead trees as well; a dead tree hosts insect pests and diseases that healthy trees would not harbor. Dead trees are a health hazard. Trees that come down in a storm can end up spreading diseases and attracting pests.


Better Health

Trees that are thinned out and pruned are healthier, and they will look healthier. Certified ISA arborists know how to do this work safely and efficiently. A tree service can also do regular shrub trimming. 

Our expert arborists can also examine your trees for signs of diseases and pests, as well as signs of other problems. Regular tree pruning by a certified arborist keeps your landscape looking great.


Disease Control 

Regular tree maintenance can save trees from a variety of diseases and pests. If a tree service finds something, they can recommend an appropriate treatment and do the work. 

Unfortunately, an unhealthy tree or shrub often becomes a breeding ground for diseases and insects.


Pest Management

A tree is just like other plants in terms of being vulnerable to destructive insects. These insects damage and even kill trees. Some pests are invasive and should be dealt with by a tree service.

Parasitic plants and invasive plant species threaten the local environment that experts know how to remove. 

A tree service can assess the situation and remove the unwanted plants for good. However, simply cutting vines might not work, as the plant will grow back.


Cleaning the Yard

A clean yard is an aesthetic yard that buyers and neighbors will like. Our professional tree service always cleans up a customer’s yard when the work is done. This is another lawn care task that you don’t need to handle on your own.


Improved Safety

In a yard with large and old trees, falling branches pose a hazard. A blizzard or a windstorm can easily take down large branches, causing property damage or injury. 

The most at-risk branches can be out of reach for your average homeowner, though. Removal of those branches is a task best left to a certified arborist. 

Additionally, climbing ladders and trees can be dangerous. Let licensed and insured experts do the tree climbing.


General Landscaping Work

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While the tree care people are at work, they can do other things. Pruning the shrubbery, planting ground cover, checking on the health of all the trees and shrubs are a few things that a tree trimming service company might do. This work is part of protecting your investment in your home.


Disease Control

A visit to trim trees and assess their health is a great time to have experts take a closer look at the lawn to find pests and identify diseased plants.

In summary, expert tree care is important to a healthy, good-looking lawn. 

Hiring certified arborists to handle some maintenance and cleanup work pays off in saved time, losses avoided, and improved appearance.

Using a professional tree care service leads to better curb appeal, but importantly, hiring a professional frees up your time for other things.


Expert Tree Trimming and Tree Removal in the Denver, CO Area

If the trees in your yard need attention, or if a dead tree needs to be removed, hire our ISA-certified arborists to take care of things. We are a team of expert tree trimmers, landscapers, and arborists who have many years of experience dealing with the plants and the issues common to the area.

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